The Solarcore® team came to us to help build a compelling brand framework and visual identity that tells their story across multiple verticals, programs, and industries. Recognizing the need to work as a stand-alone and ingredient brand, we crafted a straightforward and adaptable brand world capable of functioning in diverse environments. We landed on a system that seamlessly complements their pioneering advancements in insulation technology.


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Angel Lee
Anthony Cappetta
Chris von Burske
Gabrielle Adam
Katie Jagla
Nate Totten
Rob Hubbert
Robert Medkeff


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Solarcore® has arrived.

Introducing Solarcore, a material technology brand developing the most advanced thermal insulation solutions on the planet. Inspired by the audacious dream of standing on top of Mount Hood in just a t-shirt, founders Michael and Rithvik have spent the last decade pioneering innovative, low-builk insulation powered by space-age Aerogel technology. They've developed Solarcore in 3 different form factors, each providing exceptional thermal performance with none of the bulk that has historically constrained insulation solutions. Think puffy jacket, but finally without the puff!

The Art of Aerogel

Aerogel is a technological breakthrough, representing the most advanced thermal insulation on the planet. Aerogel is comprised of 99.8% air, making it the lowest density solid in existence. Inspired by its molecular structures and movement, we created a set of proprietary visuals to bring the polymer to life in unique and engaging ways.

Sc Colors

The primary Solarcore® color palette features Sc_Mist and Sc_SpaceBlack, two neutral colors inspired by daylight and outerspace. They are sophisticated and easily adaptable for use in multiple environments.

The secondary Sc_Spectrum is inspired by the range between hot (red) and cold (blue) temperatures and is designed to be both solid and gradient as required.

Displaay Type Foundry

The Solarcore® Form Factors

To champion the revolutionary yet deceptively simple looking technology, we created motion assets for each of the Solarcore Form Factors that celebrate their core properties. The art direction is intended to transport one to outer space with floating forms that are dynamic and tactile.

A Revolutionary Ingredient Brand

With the vision of Solarcore® becoming a powerhouse ingredient brand, we carefully considered how to balance the multiple verticals and industries in which the brand will operate. Through a flexible yet straightforward design system, we developed brand and marketing assets that can come together to tell their story to both  B2C and B2B audiences.

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