TCHO came to us in early 2020 and started asking questions. They had ideas to radically transform their business, become a Certified B Corp, go 100% plant-based and create all new flavors for their beloved bars. Their dedication to creating a whole new TCHO needed a brand worthy of their mission and they needed a partner who could be there for the ride and push them as much as they were about to push themselves.



Brand Strategy
Packaging Design
Tone of Voice
Art Direction
Web Design


Anthony Cappetta
Robert Medkeff
Rob Hubbert
Nate Totten
CJ Draper
Joe Mertes
Mari Juliano 📷
Jessica Sarkodie 📷
Pearl Jones 🍌🥞🌮
Colophon Foundry 🔤
BGGY Studio 🖥📠📡

TCHO’s History

TCHO (“Cho”) is a pioneering craft chocolate maker from Berkeley California with a 15 year legacy built on transparent sourcing of high-quality, fair trade and organic ingredients that come together to create delicious, indulgent chocolate. Their original branding was done by design legend Erik Spiekermann and with their new vision they wanted to return to their design roots.

Strategic Platform

For a company that was doing so many things right, they’d had a difficult time capturing the richness of their story. Armed with the brand’s history and inspired by their dedication to their values, we set about creating a strategic platform to tell their story and empower them as they hit the market with the bold new changes to their product line. ‘Chocolate. Fair & Square.’ was born. This became a central idea for the brand, succinctly capturing both the product and the brand values in a single sentence.
Building the Brand

We rebuilt the brand from the ground up with an emphasis on breaking through the clutter of craft chocolate and reestablishing TCHO as a pioneer in premium chocolate. From bright colors and playful, plainspoken language to custom crafted type and a photo direction we dubbed “Flavor Lust” the new TCHO brings exploration and joy to the premium chocolate category.

The Story of TCHO Source

The TCHO Source program is one of the most impressive endeavors we’ve seen from a business. Born in TCHO’s beginnings, the focus and integrity of their supply chain shows a true commitment to bettering the industry, going beyond just a quality product.

Working with photographer and Ghana native, Jessica Sarkodie, we captured the ABOCFA farmer cooperative based in southern Ghana. It’s known for producing the highest quality traceable cacao in the region. 

Telling the story of TCHO Source and the supply chain they’ve worked hard to build over the years was a key part to bringing the updated brand to life.

Brand Toolkit

In a category lacking originality and individuality, our goal was to convey the ideas of craftsmanship and flavor exploration in a way that felt fresh and engaging. 

We made The TCHO Orange more vibrant to pack a bigger punch on shelf. The bold and bright colors across the packaging reflect the natural brilliance of cacao pods throughout the world. A custom drawn typeface highlights the notion of craft and celebrates the legacy of wood type. It’s asymmetrical letterforms and whimsical cuts and curves provide rhythmic visual cues to entice chocolate lovers. The art direction is elegant and simple, championing only the very ingredients of each bar.

Pattern Story

The original TCHO packaging was clad with a gold foil pattern that had got lost over the years as the brand evolved. The pattern represented the history of chocolate’s early days as currency in Central and South America. This subtle touch was something we wanted to bring back with the new branding. A new concentric square pattern was created to reinforce the strategic positioning of Chocolate. Fair & Square.


The site design was driven by two goals. Firstly, to empower direct-to-consumer sales and secondly, to bring the consumer closer to the brand through rich storytelling content supporting TCHO’s dedication to craft, flavor and sourcing. The end result is a warm and inviting experience that brings the new TCHO brand to life online and has the ability to grow and adapt with the brand as they embrace a fully plant-based future.

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