Roman Kitchen

In the service of others

Campione Roman Kitchen is a new Italian restaurant located in Livingston, Montana. Owned by Joshua Adams, Jeffrey Galli, and Anthony Sferra, it was inspired by the mantra "In the Service of Others." The owners wanted to create a brand look and feel that showcased their passion for good food, while also paying homage to the rich history of the building and its role as a community-gathering place in downtown Livingston.


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A blended heritage

The brand is inspired by Roman and American cultures, incorporating elements of Roman architecture, bistro signage, as well as the town's railroad heritage. The goal was to achieve a balance between European elegance and rugged cowboy charm.  We created a mood that takes inspiration from the aesthetic of  Roman cafes and mercantile shops but also gives a nod to the vintage rodeo imagery for which the state is famous.

A Crest Designed for Champions

The Campione crest illustration blends a Roman she-wolf (representing family protection) and a Roman laurel leaf (representing victory and honor) in a modern folk-style drawing inspired by ancient Roman mosaics and drawings. The crest symbolizes inclusiveness: where everyone is welcomed and celebrated as a champion.

As Fate would have it

The partners were pleasantly surprised to discover the original tin ceiling had a laurel and torch stamp pattern, creating a sense of serendipity in the design of their brand.

A full menu of options

The brand design is vibrantly brought to life in menus, packaging, merchandise, and restaurant signage. The references to Rome and vintage 35mm rodeo images help to create a sense of connection between the two worlds and establish a feeling of familiarity for customers.

It takes a community

Working with the owners, we facilitated the creative process and helped them create an environmentally led identity that closely considered the space and their vision.  We directed interior design selections with color, materials, and tiles, closely collaborating with local craftsmen and fabricators. Of particular note is our friend Dusty, the sign painter,  who used his talents to bring the space to life.

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