Uniform Strategy

An Outfit that Stands Out from the Crowd

Uniform is a female-founded brand strategy firm based out of Minneapolis. The founders, Hilary and Laura, came to us with a specific brief: to create a brand identity based on the idea of ‘Playful Intelligence’. For them, this means accessible yet unexpected, intellectual but approachable, and challenging yet engaging.

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Designing a Strategy Business to be Anything but Expected

Check out small creative and strategy shops and you might find they have more in common than you think. There are many clever people hidden behind rather generic blanding and clever imagery. As the phrase goes: “A cobbler’s kids are the worst shod”. Which is where we came in.

The duo challenged us to make them stand out visually - “We don't want to feel like every other small strategy consultancy out there”. Channeling  ‘Playful, Intellectual, Unexpected’, we got to work to create a design that takes its inspiration from familiar and nostalgic games that we all know and love: building blocks, scrabble, and word searches.

Uniform is an agency where imagination has no limits, and this needed to come across in the design. Its color palette, simple functionality, and visual cues were all selected based on those three words in the brief.   

Straight-talking but Never Dull

Uniform’s counsel to clients is genuine, down-to-earth, and clear. None of this means, for one second, that they are dull.

We delivered a confident and playful identity that references classic design with a modern twist.  A variable and vibrant wordmark that provides flexibility for the environment it's being used in (the shape can be adjusted accordingly) and a clear uniform gridded system that speaks their name. All this means that the design is universally understood, instantly recognizable, and highly adaptable for new formats. Like the agency, it can go wherever the brief takes them.

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